Crystal Mountain

The Range of Essences


Amethyst is a powerful purifying essence that links to the Violet Flame, which is a gift to humanity, to aid us in the transmutation of energy.


Anchor is a grounding essence, providing nourishment to strengthen the base chakra. It’s stabilising and grounding energy helps you to be solid and firm.

Break the Cycle

Do you recognise patterns which continually repeat in your life, maybe thinking ‘oh no, not this again’? Are you ready to Break the Cycle?

Breath of Fresh Air

This is a ‘spiritual spa’, washing away dirt and debris from the aura, leaving you refreshed and revitalised.

Down To Earth

Down To Earth The purpose of these higher energies is to assist our body in raising its own vibration, as well as Mother Earth. When

Faery Dust

Faery Dust Faery Dust introduces you to the Magickal realms, expanding your self awareness and perception of nature and the spirits who look after Earth.

Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow We can often try to force things to happen, wanting something to be or look a certain way, and then get

Heart of Gold

This essence is so very special. It was made using a beautiful golden healer point which I found on Crystal Mountain, gifted to me by the land energies, whilst I was carrying out healing there.

Lady Of The Lake

Lady Of The Lake The Lady of the Lake is a powerful purifying, awakening and transformational energy. When you connect with her you will meet

Leap of Faith

This is a high vibrational essence which connects you to the frequency of Love. It propels you on your path of light, giving you trust and faith to move forwards, to 'Take the Leap'.


Lemuria Their message to you is: 'We are elders of long ago, of beauty and harmony, of living in the flow. We know you may


Merlin Connect with Merlin, the wizard, the sage, the teacher, who will take you on a journey of self-discovery, of magick and mystery. In his

Over the Rainbow

This deeply nurturing spray provides comfort to your heart chakra. Ideal uses for grief and bereavement, trauma, abuse, sadness, anxiety, upset. It calms mind, body and soul. Ideal for soul midwifery.

Psychic Protection

Use this powerful essence to protect your energies, it works instantly to shield and protect your aura. An excellent ally if you are experiencing Psychic Attack.

Ray of Sunshine

This is sunshine in a bottle, filling you with positivity and joy.


Stardust was made using a special Starbrary Quartz, together with Moldavite, under the Delta Aquarids meteor shower.


Infused with pure divine energies from the Cosmos, this is a magical essence containing the light of the stars. It is instantly purifying, and showers you with blessings.

The Dragons Breath

The Dragons Breath The Dragons Breath is a remarkable sight, cascading across the valley, and this essence is truly special, connecting you to the energy


Unity opens your heart to remember ‘Oneness'. It enables you to see through the illusion of separation, to know that we are all connected to Source energy, to ‘All That Is’.


Venus The energy contained within the essence of Venus facilitates healing of deep-rooted trauma and wounds, which may stem from this life or even go

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