Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold Essence by Crystal Mountain

This essence is so very special. It was made using a beautiful golden healer point which I found on Crystal Mountain, gifted to me by the land energies, whilst I was carrying out healing there.

I heard it calling out to me as I was walking along, so I stopped and picked it up and brought it home. This crystal is just so beautiful, an exquisite golden colour and very quickly I discovered it wanted me to make an essence out of it, saying it was a light bearer, full of light from the Great Central Sun.

Heart of Gold helps us with our Ascension into New Earth. It holds so much love, enveloping you in the warmth of the Divine, and shifting you to a heart centred perspective. It gives you strength and courage, encouraging you to follow your heart. Connects you to the Golden Ray beings who are the oversoul for the Welsh Golden Quartz, and they link to Christ Consciousness. Their message is to spread peace and love to all.

It will work anywhere in the body, on any chakra, is good at strengthening any weak ones, but in particular it does a lot of work at the heart and solar plexus. It works on the light body, enabling you to hold more light and vibrate at a higher frequency.

Affirmation: I am love.

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