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Jemma Yung

Starlight essence spray was uplifting, magic, harmonizing and great for manifesting... highly recommended!

Fe Hobbs

I have used both the Amethyst and Over The Rainbow essences. One as a spray and the other as a dropper. Both essences were very effective and I could feel physical sensations immediately and energetic effects within a day or two. I personally prefer a spray to a dropper, but both essences were wonderful, easy-to-use, and helped me immensely.

Georgia Jones

The Heart of Gold vibrational essence gave me the confidence to just be myself. To say to myself 'I am who I am' and to love myself with all my differences to others. In this way it helped me a lot, as a quiet, sensitive person, working in an environment with lots of loud extrovert colleagues. It has a very comforting energy.

I would highly recommend these vibrational essences for a potent emotional aid.

Carol Cummins

What can I say - these remedies are powerful! I’ve decanted them and used them as a space clearing spray, an aura balancer at the end of a healing treatment and as drops while working on specific themes. I’ve taken one out with me and used it to spray my aura and breathe in following a difficult meeting – instant uplift (Ray of Sunshine) absolutely lovely.

I’ve used them in the bath (Leap of Faith), helped me to sleep well and become clearer on decisions I wanted to make. I felt a balance between my head and my heart giving me confidence to move forward. My favourite and most used is ‘Break the Cycle’, this had an immediate effect on me and is an essence I keep returning to. Powerful and Life changing for me.

I can’t recommend Crystal Mountain Essences too highly, they can have a profound effect on your wellbeing and aid your spiritual journey.

Sherille Davies

I am fortunate to have many of these essences. I have made my own essences, which are fine, but Crystal Mountain Essences are on a completely different level from my, and other generic essences out there, if you want something more these are for you.

I have found these essences to go much deeper and produce results which may not have been what I was looking for, but were certainly what I needed. The essences somehow convey the love and commitment which were infused into them when they were created. I highly recommend these essences, they have really helped me through some hard times.

Lauren D’Silva (Principal Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy)

I have watched with interest as Josie has developed her range of Crystal Mountain Essences over the past few years. I like the guided nature of her work and the care she has taken over each essence. Josie has brought some of these into class for us to try and they have always been good intuitive choices to support the topics we are exploring.

I have been working most recently with her Unity essence spray. I took this spray to the 2018 Crystal Enlightenment Retreat and I used it during the opening circle to help set an intention and harmonise the energy of a group of people who were coming together for the first time. This essence felt absolutely perfect for the occasion and we did indeed enjoy a loving and inclusive group atmosphere as the Retreat unfolded.

Veronica Russell

Lovely essences they work on a very deep energetic level, would highly recommend!

Jules Murphy

The essence seemed to have an effect on me at first, and I generally don't find essences effective on me.
I've found Josie lovely to deal with and the essence was presented really well. I would recommend the essences to people as they would probably respond more to it.

Liz Thomas

The Heart of Gold essence was really stunning and very clean!

Anne Burns (Crystal Wells Healing)

Josie's heart of gold essence is made with Welsh golden healer, it's energy is very uplifting and demonstrates the deep connection Josie has with the crystal mountain. I'd highly recommend Josie's essences, the love and care with which they are made shines through.

Ruth Bartleet (Anahatara Healing)

I've been playing with the Stardust drops for a while now and in a whole range of places. This essence literally invites me to play with it, meaning, I actually become aware of an energy that says to me 'Hey! Would you like to add me to this action you're about to engage with? So I've been keeping it in my handbag.

One such time I was on the tube in London, UK. I was about to expand my receiving of infinite possibilities while on a journey. So I got the bottle out and instantly, I was receiving the support of goodness only knows how many beings of a starry nature, while I carried put my practice. Such a friendly energy too! And, as usual, I make sure there is no interference from unhelpful energies. This essence truly supports my choices! And the energy that it be is so delightful. I've been interacting with off planet consciousness my whole life and this essence of yours Josie is a beautiful gift. I also have invited people to join me in playing with it during meditation sessions and I've seen something expand in their worlds beyond their usual experience. How does it get better than that? Im going to find out. Thank you Josie!

Pat Underwood (Airy Fairy Holistics)

After seeing a post on Facebook for people to trial new essences I contacted Josie and the little bottle of Heart of Gold arrived, well packed within a few days. I have previously used various Bach flower remedies and found these helpful. I used the drops both in water and under my tongue, not really focusing on any particular issues. I found that instead of procrastinating i was motivated to 'get on' with tasks I had been putting off for over a year, nothing really drastic but clearing clutter by sorting drawers and wardrobes, generally to have more order rather than searching for stuff'.

Sara Shuker

I'd highly recommend Crystal Mountain essences. I could feel the effects of Stardust very quickly when meditating. Fast service and I'd certainly try other essences.

Susan West

Break the Cycle was the first essence that I bought in Brecon. It's pleasant and easy to use. I usually take a deep breath. It remains my favourite!

I used it earlier today, along with Over the Rainbow and Heart of Gold. I use it when times are tricky and I need to be doing the right thing that day (I also use it at other times). I take a moment to inhale it and consider how best to move forward. Somehow it is a comfort and gives me strength regardless of adversity. I don't know how they work really but it's pleasant to use and I find it really helpful. I think it's partly about intention in the making and the using. I find it protective against negativity from others.

It would be an excellent gift for anyone wanting to try new ways in their life. I highly recommend it.

Gwen Clarke

The essences made by Josie need to be experienced, then you receive the true meaning and benefit. They have been made with the utmost professionalism and dedication. I have been using them for some time now and I can say without a doubt that they really work for me. So thank you Josie for your hard work and research that has gone into the making of your wonderful essences.

Terri Rose

I have used two of Josie's crystal essences, Leap of Faith and Unity. I immediately felt a sense of calm and well being. I was able to sleep so much more soundly. For the first couple of weeks, I experienced some vivid and fascinating (as well as informative) dreams. I would recommend these essences to anyone, they are really wonderful. I know that they are made in the most beautiful setting and are filled with the intention of love as well as truly beneficial crystals.

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