The Dragons Breath

The Dragons Breath Essence by Crystal Mountain The Dragons Breath is a remarkable sight, cascading across the valley, and this essence is truly special, connecting you to the energy of the dragons.

It was made on Christmas Day, when the dragons were making themselves known to me, leaving trails of their potent energy all across the valley, all around our home, shrouding us in this mystical energy. In using it you will feel love from the dragons, and the Cosmos, All That Is.

This essence is warming and loving, it activates, enhances, and ignites passion, warmth, strength and love. Love for yourself. The codes of creation are contained within it. It brings parts of dna, dormant aspects of you back to life, back online. This essence is full of love, it helps you to heal the aspects which are not love, it highlights where healing is needed. Dragon energy is transformational. The essence helps you to see other dimensions and realms more easily. You can use it to communicate with the dragons. Use for personal and earth healing.

Affirmation: I Feel Love

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