Lemuria Essence by Crystal Mountain Their message to you is: ‘We are elders of long ago, of beauty and harmony, of living in the flow. We know you may find Earth an unsafe place to be, as your light body struggles with the density.

Getting out in nature is our advice to you, to feel at one with the land, the plants and flowers too. Walk barefoot upon the ground, feel the soil between your toes, holding your safe and sound. We give you the gift of love and harmony. Feel our love wrapping you in comfort and security. Please know you are loved beyond measure’. You may feel a sense of knowing, or even yearning, a calling to uncover your connection to this time and consciousness. Many upon Mother Earth are now drawn to understanding the era that was Lemuria, a place and time of harmony and community, of being at One with All That Is. Using this essence enables you to access the energy of Lemuria, taking you on a journey of remembering, deep within your subconscious mind. Be transported to this peaceful civilisation, a paradise, where beauty in all of life is recognised. Feel the interconnectedness, the Unity, the co operation between one and all. The peaceful, tranquil waters of the oceans, the vibrant cooured flowers, the stars that shine so bright.

The beauty and wonder that is Lemuria… You will feel the Divine Mother herself, who’s energy is soothing, and calming, filling you with peace and love. Use if you aren’t able to feel the Divine Feminine as easily, if you were ever abandoned, or rejected by a parent or a loved one, or if you have deep feelings of unworthiness. The Lemurian energy heals wounds around love, feeling unloved, lack of self love etc. It clears old, often dense energy and fills your heart space with pure, unfiltered, unconditional love. Use in your personal space to invite love in. Works on the psychic channels, particularly the 3rd eye. An excellent Earth healer, use to spread this love into Mother Earth, to help raise her vibration.

Affirmation: I connect with Lemuria, and our Divine Mother, to feel love, to heal with love, to soothe my soul

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