Crystal Mountain


Welsh water infused with energy signatures of Moldavite and Starbrary Quartz and Frankincense hydrosol. Vodka as preservative.

Affirmation: I expand my awareness of All That Is.

Content: 50ml Spray

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Stardust was made under the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower. It is deep soul healing, for you to discover on a soul level who you are, where you are from, linking you to your star family. A perfect meditative tool, to explore the depths of your soul, your roots, the cosmos. You can discover soul lessons for this lifetime, it shows you where you are in your life and where you should or need to be.

My guides say ‘Stardust allows you to delve into the void of the great unknown, taking you on a magical journey. Explore the depths of your soul, expand your awareness and meet the cosmic beings you are linked with. Deepen your understanding of life and soul purpose’.

Stardust Essence by Crystal Mountain