Crystal Mountain

Heart of Gold

Welsh water infused with energy signatures of Welsh Golden Quartz and Sandalwood hydrosol. Vodka as preservative.

Affirmation: I am love.

Content: 50ml Spray

£14.99 +P&P


This essence is very special. The crystal I used in it was a beautiful golden point, found on Crystal Mountain, given to me by the land as a gift after sending healing there. It has so many aspects to it, firstly it holds so much love, enveloping you in the warmth of the Divine. It gives strength and courage, and it connects you to Golden Ray beings, who are the oversoul for the Welsh golden Quartz and they link to Christ Consciousness. Their message is to spread love and peace to all. Excellent for heart and solar plexus chakras. It also works on the lightbody.

Heart of Gold Essence by Crystal Mountain