The 5th Dimension

Crystal Mountain 5th Dimension

It is only very recently that I have experienced the 5th dimension, the feelings of this blissful, uplifting, high energy, and I wanted to share my experiences here with you, to give you support and encouragement if you are feeling similar to me.

Like many people, I had heard the term 5D or 5th Dimension, many times, and increasingly within the last year or so. I had noticed so many posts on Facebook, videos online, all talking about 5D, Ascension, New Earth, The Event etc. I listened to videos describing this event, how Earth was ascending, and there were big changes to come. Some of it was pretty ‘out there’, and didn’t resonate with me at all, I really wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I kept an open mind. What I did feel deep down inside of me, was that hidden amongst all of the ‘hype’ there lay a truth, that indeed there were changes to Earth and all who live upon her. I remember asking my team of spirit guides what was happening, they confirmed yes there was an influx of light pouring down onto Earth, that it would begin to intensify and was affecting everything, but it was nothing to fear.

Living on ley lines, I have had lots of experience with energy, and at the start of the year I noticed it was increasing, subtle at first, but over the weeks there was just more energy around, it’s hard to describe, but it felt palpable.. After the new moon in May 2018, I was finding my sleep became affected, I was waking up at 5am, on a few occasions 4.44am, and unable to get back to sleep I began to suffer with an upset stomach, at first I thought I was clearing, but then I wondered was it this energy? Something was definitely going on.

Whilst all this was occurring I was busy working on my essences and creating my website. There was so much information to collate, and write. I was also feeling both excitement to launch myself and the essences out to the world, but equally daunted by the prospect. I knew that I had to overcome my fears, because as my guides repeatedly insisted, these essences would need to go out, we hadn’t just made them to sit gathering dust!

One day on Facebook I saw a post from someone who I had followed for some time, Paul Dobree Carey/ PolarisAB. Well, his work has always resonated with me, his posts help many, just like me, who are on this ascension journey, his words are relevant, uplifting and inspiring. I noticed on this post that he offered one to one soul guidance, and I immediately felt drawn to contacting him. I pondered on it all day, and later that evening I messaged him, making enquiries about a session. Fast forward 3 days, and I’m sat having a Skype session with him which proved to be a pivotal moment in my life. Towards the end of the session I began to feel a tugging at my crown, which was getting stronger, and then this flood of energy was coming in, and I felt floaty. He said just allow the energy to work through you. He advised after the call he would like to work more with my Higher Self, to help clear a pathway, I think it was to connect more of me to my Higher Self. I could feel so much energy all going into my heart. It was quite profound really, to feel this connection inside of me, and to feel this unconditional love. It was amazing, and very surprising. I felt the session was so much more than I could ever have imagined. I don’t know what I expected really, but on a deeper level I must have been aware of what was coming, to feel this connection to a higher energy, to experience unconditional love.

I can see how the connection he aided to my Higher Self gave me the impetus to move forwards with my life purpose, with confidence and this newfound higher connection. It was very deep healing, a lot like the hara line, which is the deepest level of healing you can go to with crystal healing. I felt the connection was there, I was being directed, even propelled forwards.

Throughout the day I felt these waves of love energy were washing over me, and so much activity at the crown, a gentle tugging, and constant sensations at my heart centre. I noticed how elated I felt, it was bliss.

That evening I got into bed, and as I do every night I began doing my Reiki self healing. As soon as I began, there was the strong sensations again, flooding down into my body. I hadn’t expected that, I continued, and just tried to be, to go with the flow. By the end of the healing, my hands were so hot, it felt that they were on fire. That night I slept brilliantly, the best in a while, my upset stomach had eased, and I felt so good the following day when I awoke, I was motivated, had more bounce in my step, I felt joy, peace, and happiness.

I went and meditated, and, lo and behold I felt this surge of energy once more. It really felt so strong, even stronger than the previous day. I found my connection with my guides was more refined if that’s the right word, I could feel their presence more than normal.. It felt a very deep connection, and I just kept feeling this love, so warming, comforting, all encompassing. It was simply the best feeling I had ever experienced.

Again, throughout the day, I noticed these sensations were filling my body. It was incredible, it would happen out of the blue, I had never felt anything like it before. I then started to hear noises in my head, as if tuning forks were inside it, I have had buzzing for years in my ears, but this was a new symptom, and so much louder. I also began to feel my heart was racing and fluttering at times. I believe all of these symptoms were linked, that my body was going through some sort of re alignment. Every time I felt them, I was trying to just go with the flow and relax, but at times I was finding the waves unsettling, and intense.

I was drawn to spending more and more time outdoors, luckily it was summer, so I found myself outside for large parts of the day. We had recently built a vegetable garden and I would sit and talk to the plants, feeling this connection to them, and one day I played music for them and could see them moving, they looked like they were dancing. Another occasion I was sat on my garden bench just enjoying the warm evening sun on my face, when I became aware of a tree nearby, I opened my eyes and could see it’s branches and they appeared to be reaching out to me, wanting to touch me. I felt this love radiating out, this connection, and in that moment I knew I was perceiving more, like my senses had sharpened further. My perception of what was all around me just ignited. I began to hear the trees talking to each other, it was quite surreal, and I kept thinking how have I never noticed this before?

The following day in meditation, I connected to Gaia, she spoke to me for the first time. Her energy felt just like that of a mother. She asked me to go outside, walk with my bare feet on the grass, commune with her more often, for she wanted to help me.

Crystal Mountain 5th Dimension

Later that day I found myself doing as she asked, I had taken a couple of drops of my Anchor essence, just before going outside. I felt the connection to her almost instantly, and the love filling up my heart.. I channelled so much information from her. At the end she said ‘The ascension journey can be hard at times, often bumpy, but I will help you, and together we will walk the path of new earth into the 5th dimension’. She is a very important part of the essences, which I hadn’t full appreciated until this moment.

I found I was being flooded with ideas and inspiration, out of nowhere, I just was getting a ‘knowing’ of what I had to do. I knew I had to write about my kundalini awakening, to share it with others. and spent the whole day getting it all written down, as a blog for the website. I had always wanted to write but was never sure what to write about, but now the words were flowing, I couldn’t keep up.

I was experiencing many dreams, some of which were about people from my past, and endings were occurring, in one I felt I really was at the person’s house, ending our friendship. I noticed that I felt happy that it had ended, I no longer harboured any resentment, hurt or pain towards them. I reflected on that vivid dream, I must have needed to release that person, and in doing so, I was free.

3 days after my healing, when I meditated I felt I was connected to my Higher Self, and we were talking directly. I could see white light pouring in my crown, into my body, and I saw energy expanding out of my crown, like a fountain. It was such high energy, but so peaceful and beautiful. The message I received then was not to doubt at all, what you are feeling IS real.

I often hear songs, it’s a way spirit communicates to me, and I began noticing this song by Jackie Wilson, ‘Your love keeps lifting me, higher and higher’. It really was a perfect song to sum up how I felt that I was being lifted higher and higher than I had ever been before.

I still didn’t realise what this energy I was experiencing was, until Paul said to me one day ‘welcome to the 5th dimension’. The penny dropped, finally I understood what 5D and ascension meant. It isn’t about leaving the physical body, escaping Earth, it’s about bringing down those higher frequencies onto the Earth and into the physical body. It was quite a crucial moment of understanding for me, because the next few days I would experience the other spectrum of this energy, the low.

The way I can explain it in a nutshell is that everything appeared the same, but felt very different. I was looking around, and my senses were going into overdrive, I could smell more, and on a couple of occasions I thought I heard a voice, talking to me. My sensitivity felt that it had gone to a whole new level, the bar had been raised. The blindfold had been removed, as I felt I could see into people’s souls. I could feel their soul energy. When I shut my eyes, I was seeing light, in waves. It was quite unsettling, at times confusing because all these senses were so heightened, I was feeling so much, too much almost to handle. I had contacted Paul, explaining what I was feeling, with this increase in awareness, and energy. He said well done, allow the energy to flow. He explained it’s like going from a battery to being plugged in at the mains, and to look after myself, because the energies would want to be flowing through me constantly.

The following day I gave a Reiki treatment, and once again I experienced a new level of energy in healing. The love was just filling me up, to the point where halfway through I began to feel the tears flowing freely down my face. I was totally blown away by the depth of feeling. I have always ‘felt’ when doing treatments, but not like this. I was aware of angels who had entered the room, my guides, her guides, and then I felt the Christ energy. At the end, I was still in a daze, and my client was very emotional too, it was moving for us both.

Crystal Mountain 5th Dimension

For the rest of the day I was highly emotional and, upset, really all over the place. I had plugged my computer on to charge, whilst I was doing the treatment and when I came to it later, it said it was overheating! It was a hot day, and I think the sun had affected it, but I wondered if it was a sign of this new energy which I was experiencing, was I likely to overheat? I also had noticed my stereo kept jumping whenever I played music to meditate. Was this all linked, I felt certain it was!

I decided to pick a card from a beautiful deck called the Crystal Mandala Oracle, by Alana Fairchild. It’s not a deck I use often, but every time I do, it is just so accurate and insightful. So, I drew a card, asking what was going on, why was I feeling such deep emotion. I picked Sensitivity – Ascended Master Lady Nada & Rhodochrosite. When I read the guidebook, it was just astounding how accurate it was for me, ‘There is a loving energy reaching for you now. If your sensitivity is already well developed, you will be able to feel it as a sense of love in your heart’. It was spot on, that was exactly what I was feeling and was a much needed, reassuring message from spirit for me. I knew they were helping me to work through this.

I wondered if the energy brought to the surface anything which needed healing, in order for you to be able to maintain the 5D energy. I felt it had gone deep down, exposing emotions, feelings, even memories that I had carried with me for most of my life, and it was time to let them go . It’s always amazing to me, how even though you think you’ve done loads of work on yourself, think you’ve healed something big, how the Universe will step in and either show you if it’s not healed, or send you a test to see if you really have overcome the situation or emotion. I have undergone so many tests, but I am always appreciative and thankful for them, because it is how I have grown to be the person who I am today.

That evening, after crying most of the day, I did feel much better, I was tired but not as emotional. What I realise is the 5d energy brings the highs and the lows, why I don’t know for sure yet, but I look at it that it’s a higher energy than the body is used to, it will take time for you to adjust to it, there is a period of integration. Also, to feel both the highs and the lows, teaches us about balance, duality, and unity. When we are able to cope with both extremes, we have done very well in my opinion.

I began using 2 of my sprays leap of Faith and Heart of Gold upon the request of my guides. They mentioned them saying they will help you. I realised when I started using heart of gold how right they were. The keywords for it were strength and courage and love, and that was much needed, not only for me to put myself out to the world, but to cope with these new energies, the highs and the lows. When I used it, I felt love, and the strength, and courage, I was willing myself on, I could do this!. With leap of faith, I noticed whenever I used it, I felt these sensations of love at my heart, just like this new energy which had been flowing into my body. When I first made it, I had met the Arcturians, whose message was about the power of love, and now I was experiencing these higher energies, it was completely relevant, I knew I needed to use it too, to take the leap into 5D safe in the knowledge of all these higher beings whom were supporting me through the process.

I started reading all the channellings I had done about the range of essences, one key part was that they told me ‘These essences will aid the evolution of humanity into Christ Consciousness’. I had a new understanding of what that meant; having experienced what I now know is 5D energy! They had also mentioned my essences contained nature in a bottle, they helped with synchronisation, being in nature, to re set your subtle bodies. It was beginning to dawn on me that nature was absolutely essential for me in order to process this new energy.

Music has always been very important for me, ever since I can remember I have loved music, always felt songs deeply, and now I was finding I was playing music as I felt a deeper connection through the lyrics. I also found an urge to continually be outside and breathe in nature; it became very important to me. My eating habits also had changed, there were days when I could barely eat, and my stomach was often swollen and bloated, which was uncomfortable. I sensed this was my body’s way of saying you cant eat the foods you used to anymore.

I have explained about my kundalini awakening before, and now I was beginning to feel that I was experiencing it all over again, but on just an emotional level, because of the sheer intensity of these feelings, and I experienced that same intensity when my kundalini arose.

I was getting guidance that grounding needed to be increased. I have always prided myself on being well grounded, using my Anchor essence, and always grounding up to the heart, and allowing excess energy be dispersed safely into the ground. Yet, with this new energy, I admit I had been feeling floaty, and I knew grounding needed to be addressed, it was vital. Being outside, amongst the trees proved to be very effective. I began tree hugging, I know many others do it already, but it was a new one for me. As I stood there, I could feel the connection with the tree, and felt it giving me strength, whilst my roots were growing deeper into mother earth. Stood with the tree I was finding the need to consciously breathe, in through the nose and out through the mouth. In doing this it connects you to you, it centres you. Like my guides tell me daily, ‘during these times of change, be like the mighty oak unwavering in the storm’. Trees are inspiring to be around, I feel this new respect for them, they are such intelligent beings holding ancient wisdom, and are so friendly. We truly can learn a lot from them.

Crystal Mountain 5th Dimension

One morning I woke up feeling restless, anxious, unsure why, but this feeling of impending doom had hit me and I was struggling to deal with it. Once again I contacted Paul, he explained about being plugged into the collective, and a higher level of sensitivity. When you are sensitive, you pick up on other people’s stuff, feel it as if it were your own. Now I was feeling a heightened sensitivity, it was so much more than I knew how to cope with, until I realised what he was saying, ‘know your feelings and those of others’. I realised that these feelings weren’t mine, I was simply picking up on the collective. I reached for Amethyst and sprayed it liberally to clear my energy, and Tranquillity which is an essence I had made following a series of panic attacks earlier in the year and took a few drops, then I grabbed my apache tears, which is one of the crystals used in the essence. I actually had felt that morning that I was going to have a panic attack, the feelings were horrendous, I wanted to get off the roller coaster. I sat holding the crystal and very quickly it brought me back to centre. I felt much calmer, and able to see that this was just a feeling, that it would pass, just as I had experienced these feelings before and I had overcome them. I took some slow deep breaths, and felt my body relaxing, the panic and the fear dissipating.

This is why grounding is essential when we feel panic, to bring you back to centre, to safely ground the energy, which can often feel totally overwhelming. I have also discovered that when we are experiencing the higher energies we can feel anxiety, as the body isn’t used to it yet. It is a common ‘ascension symptom’ if you will. From my experience I highly recommend that you regularly check in on yourself, know what is yours, and what you have picked up from others, then clear your energy if needed, using either an essence or sage, or whatever method you feel drawn to use. I have found the need to regularly clear my space and I use the Amethyst spray and sage.

From the point where my panic attack was safely averted, it clicked that I needed to get outside so much more, connect with the land on a deeper level, ask for their help with these intense energies. I found myself drawn to one spot, overlooking our big field. It was instantly calming, sometimes I would be sat there in silence, other times chanting, saying mantras and affirmations, and talking to the energies I sensed all around me. I noticed whenever I sat there, I would smell such a fragrant scent as I sat down, and yet there were no flowers there. It has become my safe haven, a place where I can experience these crazy emotions safely. I’m so lucky to have this because if I were living in a city with many other people I’m not sure I would cope as well. I’m well aware that many of you reading this will be living in towns and cities, which is why I want to share the land with you through the essences, but also the pictures, to feel the energy from here. Take comfort that whatever we are feeling and going through collectively now, it will pass, things will get better. The roller coaster will come to a halt.

Having experienced 5d this is just the beginning for me, because the truth is learning how to maintain it and not burn out. It has become a priority to look after myself, focus 100% on me. I know it’s vital if I am to cope in the long term. My guidance is to be well hydrated, water is essential now with all this light flooding into the body. Eat nutritious foods. Rest. Essences. They are proving themselves on a new level to me. I’m reaching for them a lot more than I would have done in the past, and they are a support to me, navigating through the wilderness of unknown that has become my path. As a result of this whole experience, a new essence was born called Down to Earth, to help me to anchor and integrate the higher energies, and I love it, it has literally done what it says, I no longer feel floaty, but grounded, safe and secure. I also recommend using any of the following essences to help with the higher energies – Heart of Gold, Leap of Faith, Unity, and Amethyst.

As my guides constantly remind me, you’re not alone, were all in this together, call upon us for strength, in fact Gaia said to me to consider her an angel of strength, and I am feeling that growing inside of me, knowing we are all one, and together we are stronger. We are a lot stronger than we think or give ourselves credit for.

Know you are loved, guided and supported, always.

Sending so much love, blessings and peace.

Josie xx

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