I’ve been playing with the Stardust drops for a while now and in a whole range of places. This essence literally invites me to play with it, meaning, I actually become aware of an energy that says to me ‘Hey! Would you like to add me to this action you’re about to engage with? So I’ve been keeping it in my handbag. One such time I was on the tube in London, UK. I was about to expand my receiving of infinite possibilities while on a journey. So I got the bottle out and instantly, I was receiving the support of goodness only knows how many beings of a starry nature, while I carried put my practice. Such a friendly energy too! And, as usual, I make sure there is no interference from unhelpful energies. This essence truly supports my choices! And the energy that it be is so delightful. I’ve been interacting with off planet consciousness my whole life and this essence of yours Josie is a beautiful gift. I also have invited people to join me in playing with it during meditation sessions and I’ve seen something expand in their worlds beyond their usual experience. How does it get better than that? Im going to find out. Thank you Josie!
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