Crystal Mountain


Welsh water infused with energy signatures of Hiddenite, Tiger Eye and Tourmalined Quartz with Ylang Ylang hydrosol. Vodka as preservative.

Affirmation: I am connected to the eternal flow of Love. I feel it in the centre of my being. I am at One with All That Is.

Content: 50ml Spray

£14.99 +P&P


Unity opens your heart to remember ‘Oneness’. It enables you to see through the illusion of separation, to know that we are all connected to Source energy, to ‘All That Is’. The theme of Unity is balance. It is excellent to use on any of the chakras, meridians, and also for 3rd eye vision and mental clarity. Use as an aid to connect to your guides and the angelic realm, as it grounds your energies before connecting you to the divine. It is a relaxing essence, soothing the soul. Perfect for use after soul retrieval to integrate the parts retrieved. Use also for earth healing. My guides say that “Unity holds the energetic blueprint of ‘All That Is'”.

Unity Essence by Crystal Mountain