Crystal Mountain

Leap of Faith

Welsh Water infused with energy signatures of Brandberg Amethyst and Black Moonstone and Peppermint hydrosol. Vodka as preservative.

Affirmation: I allow the Power of Love to guide me on my path.

Content: 50ml Spray

£14.99 +P&P


This is a high vibrational essence, it gives you the courage to trust and have faith in yourself and Spirit, to enable you to ‘take the leap’, however daunting it may seem. It works on the upper and transpersonal chakras, particularly the stellar gateway. It opens up the heart and the higher heart, connecting you to the divine from there, allowing you to receive pure unconditional love. Use as an aid to connect with high vibrational energy who’s message is ‘The Power of love’.

Leap of Faith Essence by Crystal Mountain