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What Are Essences

what are essences

An essence, often called a gem or crystal essence, is simply an energetic pattern or signature, often of crystals, but not always, which is contained within water and then preserved in alcohol. There are many different essence producers around the world, and you can find ones made using flowers, plant and tree spirit, colour, sound, channelling of angels, goddesses, reiki, astrology, and the list goes on and on!

You may be familiar with Dr Edward Bach, and his famous Bach flower remedies. He was a ‘Pioneer’ of essence making back in the early 20th century. He was drawn to using plants to treat emotional states, aware that there was a link between these states and illnesses. His range are still one of the most well known and popular, which is a testament to him and essences.

All essences contain water plus whatever it is you are adding to it, e.g. crystals, flowers, colour. In the majority of my essences I use high quality crystals, but for some they are not needed and so just water is placed outside to absorb the natural environment. Some are made during the day, when the sun is out, so they are infused with the energy of the sun, others are made at night, and absorb the energy of the moon and stars. Often I am guided to make them during important cosmic events, such as eclipses or meteor showers. They are all infused with all of nature around my land, be that from the trees, mountains, rivers and the nature spirits. All of the elements have a role to play. I do feel the term ‘environmental essences‘ sums up my range perfectly.

Crystal Mountain Essences

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Why is water used? The reason water is used is because of its ability to hold an energetic pattern. In the works of Masuru Emoto and his photographs of water after exposing it to various conditions such as emotions, and words, he demonstrates the incredible qualities of water and how it is affected by both positive and negative factors. I greatly admire his work, and if you haven’t seen his pictures, then please do look him up, they are quite remarkable.

How do they work? Well no one can say for certain, just as with crystals, or energy work, there are no scientific tests yet that can show how they work. I do hope that in the future science will have developed a method of proving their efficacy. Since I began making and using them they have had a positive effect on me, and have taught me so much about energy and healing.

In the same way as homeopathy does not contain the original substance, essences are the same, and contain just this ‘signature’ of whatever ingredients were used to make them, be that crystals, plants or the environment.

What makes my essences stand out from others? As Dr Emoto discovered, water can be influenced by various factors, therefore the environment will have an influence on the essence. All of my essences are made outside, on various parts of the land and I believe this is a significant factor in their potency as I live off grid, in outstanding natural surroundings, completely away from it all. The energy here is so pure, surrounded by the ancient Cambrian Mountains, on the confluence of 2 rivers, there are such powerful, magical energies all around. It really is the perfect environment to make essences in.

Crystal Mountain Essences

Where the two rivers meet

Another important factor is the water used. As we know water is a key ingredient and I use natural spring water which comes directly off the mountain behind my house. It is pure, magical Welsh water, and in my opinion is a very high vibrational energy.

I feel it is no co incidence that since living here I have begun essence making, I am being guided by this special land and all of nature in these creations and I am truly grateful to be able to share the magic with you. I channelled some information on these essences which the land energies wanted me to share with you:

‘These essences are messages in a bottle, like a key for you to unlock yourself and explore the depths of your soul. The healing properties of the water, combined with the crystals and the magical land they are created on, makes a wonderful essence not only for you to enjoy, but also for you to learn and grow, deepening your connection to Spirit and your Higher Self. Using these essences will have a profound effect on you, taking you on a journey, both inwards and outwards, as you navigate the Universe and the gifts it has to offer you.’

Crystal Mountain Essences

The source of our water

Directions For Use

All essences are used intuitively, as often as you require. For dropper bottles take a couple of drops and then either ingest or rub onto a part of the body or sweep through the aura. For sprays, just spray above your head and around you, and allow it to settle into your aura. Most of all, enjoy!

I have channelled an affirmation for each essence which you may like to use, or maybe use one of your own. I have found personally that the more consciously you can work with the essences, the more you will get out of them.


Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, such as radiators. Also keep away from EMFs.

When I make up a bottle I will then rest it and charge it on a copper grid for a while, to ensure it is at its optimum performance before it is posted out.

Each bottle has the flower of life symbol on its base. This is a powerful sacred geometric pattern, which aids in charging the energy of each bottle.


Crystal Therapy and Gem essences are not a substitute for orthodox medical health care, they are complementary therapies and as such, for any medical conditions please seek the advice of your health care professional.

Each essence is preserved using alcohol.

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